Podcast #1 – 28/03/2024

Podcast Episode #1: Curating ecological care and repair

The School of the Feral Grounds podcast series - Designing for regenerative landscapes.

Hosted and curated by Danica Sretenović and Gaja Mežnarić Osole from Trajna/Krater.

Produced by Görkem Özdemir.
Music: Ida Hiršenfelder (beepblip), “Voluminous Movement of a Watery Earth” excerpts (2024) 

The School of the Feral Grounds‘ third and final learning module, Designing for Regenerative Landscapes, takes the form of a podcast series. Featuring inspirational guest speakers involved in urban curating, pedagogical work, publishing, art, design, and architecture, the series of thematic conversations are set to explore a variety of cultural approaches connected to ecological regeneration across diverse national contexts and spatial typologies. Despite the efforts of initiatives like the New European Bauhaus and EU policies to promote environmental sustainability, community-driven actions at the local level continue to face challenges such as precarity, ecological illiteracy, poverty, or disengaged local administrations. To work alongside the troubled terrains, each podcast episode delves into a specific topical lens with an invited practitioner, discussing creative approaches to bottom-up governance, ethical economics, critical publishing & education, planning for multispecies urbanism, and designing regenerative material cultures. By exposing social, ecological, and programmatic aspects of eco-cultural stewardship, the discussions aim to empower cultural actors across Europe to engage in resilient and continuous ecological actions.

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#1 Curating ecological care & repair by Gilly Karjevsky, Floating University

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For the opening conversation, Gilly Karjevsky will delve into curatorial approaches and formats rooted in ethics of care for our communities, our cities, and the planet. Derived from the word ‘curare,’ meaning ‘to cure,’ Karjevsky will offer radical imaginaries on tending to and healing our fractured relationships within urban ecologies by repositioning curatorial practice outside traditional institutional frameworks to engage with site-specific, multispecies contexts.

Gilly Karjevsky is an urban curator based in Berlin. Her current research focuses on Collective Autotheory and urban curating post-planetary turn. As a guest professor for social design at HFBK in Hamburg and curator in residence at the MArch at CSM in London, Gilly brings a wealth of knowledge to the table. She’s also been a founding association member at Floating e.V since 2018, where she curates the Climate Care festival.

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