PLAI is a non-profit NGO that has started its social impact approach towards communities forming by the use of culture ever since 2006. Starting off with a volunteer-based Festival production has organically developed into a multilayers organization having three main values throughout its actions and projects: urban regeneration, human-centered approaches with a focus on inclusion of the vulnerable and multi-communities interactions. PLAI has always been drawn to develop projects starting with neglected spaces (from a forgotten Village Museum, to the post-communist industrial sites that follow the trend of being demolished and replaced with the very typical real-estate development of high-density apartment flats and office buildings, to spaces in between outskirts neighbourhoods or the dynamics of a private property that no one cares about).
PLAI’s experience with EU projects has started in 2018 and it focuses around subjects of urban regeneration, creative repurpose of the urban space in favour of communities and mixed audiences, as a partner of Cultural and Creative Spaces and Cities, EUREKA, Subtopia.