Webinar 3

Wednesday 10 May 2023, a video lecture and an online discussion by Trajna, “The School of Feral Grounds – The Planetary Scale: Short introduction to the Anthropocene”. Before delving into the specific topics of urban ecology, the introductory lecture will offer a set of philosophical concepts, scientific findings, and situated observations for understanding the contemporary […]

Webinar 2

Friday 5 May 2023, an online learning lab by INNOCAMP PL, “Module 1: Changemaker’s identity” The participants were invited on a self-development journey to critically analyze their personal resources for changemaking in the context of city regeneration and their role within the Future DiverCities pilots and other project phases.  Download the presentation Watch the video: […]

Webinar 1

Friday 21 April 2023, an online introduction to the webinars by Trajna and INNOCAMP PL. The launch of the “The School of Feral Grounds” started with a short presentation of the curators’ study scheme, which builds on the Feral Palace urgent pedagogy that addresses the invisibility and precarity of feral sites in the light of […]