INNOCAMP is an art-based training institute offering systemic interventions in which education stakeholders are included as changemakers.
The company supports educators and employers through Innovation Pedagogy methods where ideas are generated, tested and co-designed to offer innovative solutions. The company offers audits and staff training for education and business organizations seeking self-organizing culture. It specializes in measuring social impact of specific actions (e.g. service learning, drama-based classes, community plays) on inclusiveness and engagement of diversity through interactive e-portfolios. Innocamp is one of the most influential NGOs in the world, a leader in social innovation and changemaking. It identifies and supports the world’s leading social entrepreneurs and mobilises a global community to build an Everyone a Changemaker world. Innocamp participate actively to the Ashoka network as fellow.
For example, INNOCAMP PL has organized several innovation camps for social change in which Ashoka fellows served as facilitators and judges during the pithing sessions. The first one provided innovative solutions to the City of Gdansk on building a new culture and infrastructure for biking. Another one was co-organized with European Solidarity Centre to promote engagement of newcomers (including migrants) in Gdansk ecosystem of innovations.