Interludes – Act 5 – Eternity Masterclass – Marseille

Anchored in the “Eternity” theme of the 2020 edition of the CHRONIQUES Biennial, this masterclass offers participants online both a technical and political approach to the work of the artist Joanie Lemercier, in his presence.
Accompanied by Juliette Bibasse, curator in digital art, this meeting will allow us to approach the artistic process that led the artist to the realization of his work Constellations, but also to discover and understand the new measures and the time he has devoted to the environmental cause in recent years.
“I use technology to shed light on certain issues, and I follow and assist different groups of activists in their direct actions.”
Joanie Lemercier is interested in non-standard projection surfaces which become his space of expression. He has also recently inscribed his work in an assumed activist approach. This role is increasingly fundamental in his artistic achievements and will be placed at the core of this masterclass.