Launching of a survey by BIOS, Athens – 05/07/2024

Athens is among the 8 cities participating in the Future DiverCities project, which seeks to reimagine culture-led regeneration of urban empty spaces.

In European cities, especially those involved in Future DiverCities, there are vacant and underutilized spaces near creative hubs that could serve as potential development areas for those eager to positively transform their cities.

This is precisely what BIOS aims to achieve with the upcoming opening of the pilot site of PLEX, an unoccupied space in the Metaxourgeio neighborhood.

BIOS – Exploring Urban Culture is a Not-for-Profit Company established in Athens in 2001, actively engaged in contemporary cultural production. The organization focuses on showcasing the voices of young people, the evolving intersection of art and technology, and the shaping of urban environments.

In collaboration with the European Cultural Hubs Network (ECHN), BIOS has initiated a survey to assess the working and living conditions of artists and creative professionals in Athens.

This survey seeks to understand how artists and creatives engage with the urban landscape and uncover potential opportunities within the city’s cultural scene.

The collected data will inform the development of supportive structures for artistic practice, foster community collaboration, and enhance the overall quality of life in Athens. By addressing the current challenges faced by Athens’ creative communities and aligning with their aspirations, BIOS aims to shape the activities and purpose of PLEX, the new cultural space in the city.

Read more : and participate if you are based in Athens.