Newsletter #4

Future DiverCities : Webinars on urban ecology and changemaking

Welcome, 2024! 

Dear readers, we are excited to start the year by announcing new productions, more capacity building, and knowledge transfer within our communities. 

But first, here’s a recap of last year’s productions. 

In 2023, we presented the first cycle of webinars developed by Trajna and Innocamp PL in the framework of Future DiverCities to build new capacities on innovative approaches for temporary artistic uses, as well as urban and territorial regeneration. The relevant knowledge is transferred to support local initiatives within the project, and a wider community of European practitioners, social innovation and cultural organizations, and active citizens. 

The cycle on urban ecology entitled “The School of Feral Grounds”, proposed by Trajna nurtures a collaborative learning environment for thinking and engaging with untamed urban sites. To support their eco-social regeneration, it works to enhance cultural workers’ capacities in regenerative place-making and place-keeping, artistic curation, programming, and advocacy. It was developed and run by architect and theoretician Danica Sretenović and eco-social designer Gaja Mežnarić Osole together with inspiring guest speakers working in visual arts, curation, activism, geography, and ecology. 

The videos are available online (in English with English, Italian, and French subtitles): click here.   

The sessions on changemaking facilitated by Innocamp PL included the training and mentoring support for changemakers and their stakeholders engaged in city empty spaces regenerative pilots. The programme is based on the concept of “everyone’s a changemaker” by Ashoka, the top five global social impact NGO, dedicated to finding and fostering social entrepreneurs worldwide. The participants were invited on a self-development journey to critically analyze their resources for changemaking in the context of city regeneration and their role within the Future DiverCities pilots and other project phases. 

Presentations, masterclasses, portfolios, and curriculum are available online: click here

How to join the next cycle?

We invite you to celebrate the start of the new year by joining us on January 31 at 1.30 pm CET for the second module of the course initiated by Innocamp PL, “Regenerative Changemakers’ Capacity Building – Innovating in Urban Spaces”: Subscribe here.

This learning laboratory will focus on taking the multistakeholders’ collaboration to the level of innovation. The participants will experientially learn the basic principles, disruptive innovation indicators, and techniques for leading creative problem-solving sessions for urban regeneration teams. The session will propose tools for ideating alternatives to existing opportunities for systems change, as well as best practices for creating long-term ownership over novel solutions, which allows the simultaneous implementation of multiple interventions and greater accountability. 

The facilitators, Adam Jagiello-Rusilowski and Markus Raivio, will also present case studies from Ashoka fellows, and the first success stories of Future DiverCities project partners.