OPEN CALL launched by La Friche and CHRONIQUES – 11/09/2023

Submission deadline: 19/10/2023

Future DiverCities proposes new cultural and ecological interventions to improve and enhance the ecological value of vacant urban spaces in nine pilot cities.

In each city, a local coalition consisting of citizens, artists, local authorities, residents, and potential users began to collectively reflect on the impact of the project and its development.

The pilots are also testing grounds for researchers who will develop recommendations and methods to assess and measure the ecological impact of creative and cultural interventions in urban areas more effectively. The result will be methods to systematise ecosystemic and ecological strategies in urban cultural regeneration.

In Marseille, two partners, La Friche la Belle de Mai and CHRONIQUES, both located in the Belle de Mai district (3rd arrondissement), have collaborated with the residents to organize a series of urban walks, surveys, workshops and interviews. The aim of these activities is to collectively define and finalise the specific location for their intervention.

Today, La Friche la Belle de Mai, CHRONIQUES and their partners aim to transform this space by organising a collaborative and interactive project to create and construct amenities for the community. More specifically, the goal is to foster a collective engagement with the utilisation of public spaces, promote ecological transition initiatives, and propose a visual intervention that emphasizes the revitalisation of this “vacant” area.

The purpose of this open call is to select cultural and artistic projects proposed by individual operators or collectives. The projects that are chosen must align with our objectives and possess the following characteristics:

  • Operators must expressly state how their project can be considered participatory, and the methods proposed to this end. They can expressly describe the role played by La Friche la Belle de Mai and CHRONIQUES in these dynamics, as local players.
  • The teams mobilized for this project can be multidisciplinary but a strong artistic direction for the project is expected.
  • The project should support ecological transition by minimizing its impact on the environment.


For further details pertaining to the application process, financial assistance, and the criteria for selection, please download the PDF.